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Hapsburg Absinthe Cocktails and the Art of Mixology

Hapsburg Absinthe Cocktails and the Art of Mixology 

The Crew at Hapsburg Absinthe are getting more and more involved in the world of Cocktails,  bartending and mixology around the world and talk regularly to Bartenders that are looking for unique and exciting ingredients to incorporate into their cocktails. Absinthe cocktails such as the well known New Orleans Sezerac has been made for decades, always made with the Best Absinthe. Bartenders who are always looking to push the limits and create new Absinthe Drinks, are using methods such as ‘rinsing’ the Glass out with Absinthe before serving in order to infuse the intense Herbal flavour of the Classic or Flavoured Absinthe into the cocktail.


This week we invited Kathlene Magday, Leading Bartender from the United Arab Emirates to talk about Cocktails, her love for Absinthe and her recent experiences at the Monin International Championships in Paris.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you grew to love the world of Mixology and Bartending?


I started bartending when I was 17 as a part time for events, won some flairtending competitions when I was a student. I moved to UAE last 2012 to explore more about my chosen career and here I have learned the deeper meaning of mixology and bartending. I simply love to make drinks and entertain people around me, being a bartender is really the best job in the world!


What do you like to do in your spare time?


I love going to the gym to stay fit and healthy, watching movies, hanging out at night with some old fashioned drinks or trying out signature drinks of the bar. I love to watch bartenders working behind the bar too and learn new things from them.


You recently visiting Paris to represent The UAE at the Monin Cocktail competition. How do you sum up the entire Monin experience over the past few months? What was your best moment? Would you do it again?


The whole Monin experience was simply amazing, I met lots of new friends from all over the world who shares the same passion. Representing UAE in Paris is my biggest achievement so far as a bartender so I consider that as my best moment.


How did you first find out about Hapsburg Absinthe and why did you chose to use Hapsburg as the main ingredient in your Monin Cocktail?


I found out about Hapsburg in the place where I started my career in Y-Bar Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We normally use it in flaming Lamborghini drink and later on they named me as a Lamborghini girl as I always try to upsell it. I chose Hapsburg because I adore anise-flavored spirits and I found it really challenging to mix with and makes my drink more interesting.


Kath's Ingredients

Kath’s Ingredients


As a professional bartender you must have to balance making great cocktails and on the other hand be responsible – How do you balance responsible drinking and bartending for your customers?


As a bartender, I make sure that my guest will have an extra ordinary experience in every drink that I serve, on the other hand, I should be aware of early signs of intoxication and should know when to stop serving them alcohol.


What is one thing that you ALWAYS take with you when you go on vacation and why?


Aside from my phone, a camera so I could capture every single moment of my journey.


If you could work in any other profession what would it be?


To be honest, I thought of being a cabin crew because I would like to travel for free, but I have never thought that winning on a competition could also take me to the other part of the world. Bartending is my passion and would never ever switch to other profession.


In two words what do you love about Hapsburg Absinthe:


Simple elegant!


Finally, what do you wish for yourself and all our Hapsburg fans around the world for 2015?


 All I wish is to have a good health and to be more successful in my chosen career. To all the Hapsburg fans, have a “fairy” and lovely 2015! Cheers!

Kath at Monin.2


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