Absinthe Flavoured Liqueurs

Available in Orchard Apple, Liquorice, Blackberry, sun ripened Peach, Espresso and Vanilla, Hapsburg Absinthe flavours are designed for the popular shot market. The range tastes great as a chilled shot or with energy drinks as the 'H' bomb!

Hapsburg Absinthe Cream is a velvety rich and indulgent cream liqueur. Expertly crafted to a traditional Irish cream recipe, the subtle and decadent balance of Absinthe and cream is delicious when chilled, served over ice or layered in cocktails.

La Magnifique

Produced in Switzerland, Hapsburg La Magnifique is the inspiration of the award-winning Peter Fuss. Made by hand from the acclaimed 2010 harvest, with Bleue Absinthes from the mountainous region of Val-de-Travers and small quantities of Absinthe from the South of France. Due to the limited production in 2012, La Magnifique is destined to be part of the true Absintheurs collection.


Due to the superior strength, the ultra premium X.C range makes in excess of 50 cocktails from a single bottle and is perfect for the modern day mixologist to explore new flavour creations. Available in Orginal and Cassis.

Classic 72.5

The modern resurgence in Absinthe’s growing popularity is beautifully captured in Hapsburg Absinthe Classic. Expertly prepared to a traditional recipe and infused with Artemisia absinthium, also known as grand wormwood. Enjoy Hapsburg Classic with iced water, mixers or create great tasting cocktails.

Welcome to Hapsburg Absinthe. We are in the process of creating a new web and mobile experience, which will be live very soon! We’ve rebranded the entire Hapsburg Absinthe range to feel more vibrant, modern and engaging. As a result of the rebrand and new product development, certain countries will be supplied the existing branded product range until stocks are depleted.