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Hapsburg Absinthe launches Red Summer Fruits

Hapsburg Absinthe launches Red Summer Fruits

Exciting times as a new star player joins the Hapsburg Absinthe team; welcome the new Hapsburg X.C Red Summer Fruits 89.9% which hit the shelves this week making its debut appearance in Modena, Italy. Hapsburg X.C Red Summer Fruits provides an original and tasty way to enjoy drinking your Absinthe. All you really need is a drop with water and Sugar, or with a mixer in order to create a perfect Absinthe Cocktail. The idea to create this product was something that had been in the making for a long time, but never actually done by anyone before. For years, our fans around the world enjoyed creating beautiful and delicious Absinthe cocktails with the Hapsburg Red Cocktails Absinthe 69%. In order to bring something new to our loyal consumers, the team at Hapsburg decided to look into making this drink even more desirable by adding a new dimension to the Hapsburg experience. This was done by adding a beautiful fruity flavour to the mix.

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Numerous samples and tasting in order to find the perfect mixture


After the concept was clear it was now the task of the devoted development team at Wine and Spirit International, brand owners of Hapsburg, to put their heads together tasting numerous variations and samples in order to find the perfect mixture. The final recipe was agreed upon as a beautiful fruity mixture of Red Berries, Strawberries and Rose Petal.

What is the Hapsburg  Absinthe X.C Range?

The X.C range, which stands for 90 in Roman Numerals (89.9%) was first launched in 2013 with the leading product, the Hapsburg X.C Green traditional Absinthe. This was soon followed by the Hapsburg X.C Absinthe with Cassis which was inspired and created by personal request for our # 1 Hapsburg fan, Lucas Hapsburg from Sao Paulo, Brazil. With 2015 right around the corner, we look forward to releasing more and more surprises.. Hint:  keep your eyes peeled for something Black and Fruity!  

Hapsburg Absinthe Red Fruits on the Bottling line

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