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Brand ambassador appointed for Hapsburg Absinthe

Brand ambassador appointed for Hapsburg Absinthe

Senior bartender and well known Mixologist Kath Magday has been announced as brand ambassador for Hapsburg Absinthe as part of new focus on Absinthe cocktails and mixology by brand owner Dale Sklar.

Kath (pictured above), recently worked at the Mint leaf of London in Dubai before becoming senior bartender at the prestigious La Residence Restaurant and Lounge in the UAE. Kathleen has also participated in numerous bar competitions, and came 6th place in 2014 at the Monin International Cocktail Competition where she was flown all expenses paid to Paris to represent the UAE in the event.

Alongside his current role at La Residence ,Kath will work with bars and bartenders doing monthly tasting events, seminars, training and parties in order to develop and educate bartenders on the award-winning range of absinthe from the Pallini Distillery in Italy.

Kath Magday giving a Hapsburg seminar in the UAE earlier this month

Hapsburg seminar in the UAE

Hapsburg Absinthe started out as UK brand in 1999 by Dale Sklar, who has over 35 years experience in the Wine and spirits trade. Prior to its resurgence in the 1990’s, Absinthe was banned in numerous countries for nearly a century. The potent and beautiful green spirit was considered a poison by the French government in the early 1900’s and was frequently associated with alcoholism, violence and  having negatives effects on its consumers. This was largely seen as a propaganda campaign created by French wine producers who were anxious that Absinthe sales were taking over French wine sales in the day. Just before the ban, the French were consuming over 36 million litres of Absinthe annually!

Absinthe in 2015 – what are we about

Prohibition..Controversial..Perhaps once-upon-a-time, but today Absinthe is not just a drink but a lifestyle with great heritage and steeped in intrigue. We’ve perfected the Hapsburg Absinthe collection to provide a range of wonderful Absinthe experiences that are as unique and imaginative as they are great tasting.

The Hapsburg team, with the help of our new brand ambassador, Kath Magday, attempt to create drinks and cocktails for people who are individualists and can see past the stigma and who want to make a statement of uniqueness,refinement and understanding.

Various Hapsburg based cocktails prepared by Kath Magday

Various Hapsburg based cocktails prepared by Kath Magday

Hapsburg’s Export Director, Tanya Sklar said: “Last year,Hapsburg reached around 40 markets worldwide and people are starting to experiment with the new flavours and colours by making fantastic and innovative cocktails that take on a whole new level, so it is  important to keep that momentum going.

If you’re interested in holding a fun and energetic Absinthe Seminar at your Bar, please contact us for further details on Sales@WineandSpirit.com

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